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About me

Born in 1972 in Israel. I’m a self taught, freelance photographer

I got into street photography in 2009 as I was looking for my voice in photography.


I am fascinated by the relationship and connections between people

and between people and their surroundings.


I make pictures by intuition, because I feel that I need to click the exposure button at

that exact time. I do not plan or stage my photos. I let life unfold before me,

I capture and present it as I see it and I bring my own unique perspective

of the everyday life.

I’m an observer of humanity and life, my role is to document the world I live in,

to tell its story from my point of view.


My hope is for my work to become a part of a global pool of documentations for future generations so they will be able to learn and understand the times I live in.



- 2015 LensCulture Street Photography awards - first prize, single image



- 2016 photography, a communicative tool, Tel-Hai Photography Open Museum, Israel - Group exhibition

- 2016 Personal Angle, Jaffa Port Gallery, Israel - Group exhibition

- 2015 Miami Street Photography Festival, Miami, FL, USA - Group exhibition

- 2015 The Archive @ Tel Aviv Photo Fair 2015 - Group exhibition

- 2013 Street Photography and Moral Codes, Forward Thinking Museum - On-line group exhibition

- 2013 Urban Perspectives, Dublin Ireland - Group exhibition

- 2013 Bright Side of the City art festival, Jyväskylä, Finland - Group exhibition

- 2012 Miami Street Photography Festival, Miami, FL, USA - Group exhibition

- 2012 International Photography Festival #2, Jaffa, Israel - Group exhibition



- 2016 6MOIS - Franch photography magazine - issue 11

- 2016 The Photography Workshop website - featured interview (on-line)

- 2015 The Street Photographer Notebook magazine - issue 8

- 2015 The Street Photographer Notebook magazine - issue 4

- 2015 The Archive magazine - issue 3

- 2013 Backlight magazine, issue 5 - magazine cover & interview

- 2013 Literary Orphansfeatured interview (on-line)

- 2013 Wide Aperture #4 - featured interview (on-line)

- 2012 Top Photography Films - featured interview (on-line)

- 2012 - featured interview (on-line)


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